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How to Get More Calls

Sexy secretary

This article will share with you tips, tricks, and interpersonal skills on how to get more calls and make more money as an escort at Pearl Escorts. Despite being a new escort directory in Uganda, Pearl Escorts is currently the best, fast-growing Ugandan escort website with unique and exceptional features.

To get more calls at Pearl Escorts. you have to;

  1. Be Ready To Work at any time of the day or night. Clients across the escort industry are unpredictable and based on their hormones, may decide to call you during the day, or in the middle of the night. When a man is horny, all he can think of is getting quality escort services, from a young & beautiful escort. So, when they call you, just be nice to them, and serve them upon agreement.
  2. Have Eyes for the Best things in life. Why else would you work? Choose to wear, talk, and act as a high-class model. You should however not force this. Just be the natural you; buy nice clothes, go for photoshoots, let your personality speak out, and talk like a rich lady. You don’t have to be nude to look appealing. If you know a good photographer, you can choose to go with boudoir photography.
  3. Get The Best Listing subscription. To be honest, you cannot compare the number of calls a VVIP escort gets & that which a Premium escort can get. Our website is dynamic and always evolving to become the best. You have to show commitment and seriousness to make money. As the popular saying goes; use the money to make more money.
  4. Be Humble and Kind to your clients. What is the point of talking harshly to your clients. Sometimes, pictures taken through digital devices may not look appealing. That doesn’t mean that their pockets are not appealing. Looks can be deceiving. Before becoming an escort, you must be a businesswoman first. And in an erotic business, it’s not erotic if it’s not flirty.
  5. Know What Men Want. Don’t get the wrong impression. High-quality men are not interested in big boobs, extra large ass, or pictures of your wet Ugandan pussy. To tempt anyone, you have to show them a little of what they can have, but not all of it. An escort girl with a naked picture, hiding pussy and boobs has more potential of tempting a man than a widely exposed pussy. By exposing your nudes widely, your clients may get hornier and end up masturbating. Once a man has ejaculated, emotions get from high to immediately bored. Your intention is to let them enjoy sex with you, not your picture.
  6. Don’t Be Shy. After offering the clients services, don’t be shy. Request them to give you a good review and come back with their friends for more. You should also talk to them in a flirty way to accomplish this. Whether you’re boring in bed or not, your clients will give you a good review as long as you’re talking nice to them and flirty.
  7. Change Pics Regularly. When a person goes to a popular porn website, they don’t want to watch the same porn video they watched yesterday or last week. It’s like a movie, you don’t want to repeat the same movie. This also applies to your pictures, change them regularly. Clients are not in the capacity to take note of your name. They’ll think it’s someone different. If they didn’t call you yesterday, they’ll call you today, or the moment they see a different picture.
  8. Ask for Promo/Push each time you don’t get calls. You paid for it, why not demand quality services? Where does your money go? We’re right here to assist you.
  9. Learn New Sex Styles and positions. Show your clients something new, something they’ve never seen. Don’t pick styles that make you tired. You should enjoy your job. And sex, should not just be all serious. Dive into it, fuck for your own satisfaction. Don’t just be the one being fucked, fuck the man. Enjoy it. Men love women who fuck them. It’s the best thing ever. It will make them give you a review and come back for more.
  10. Don’t Just Dive to Money Matters when clients reach out to you. In fact, if you have a WhatsApp business replying to your messages with prices, you should remove it and set the automatic response to something like: “Hi Honey, Are you looking for the best erotic service in Uganda? I’m so horny and want to fuck you tonight!” Disclaimer: Don’t use this if you use the same number for personal communication.

Like I always say, there are many factors into the reasons why someone is getting more calls than you. If you want to get more money, you have to be passionate, flirty, employ business skills, and talk like a person who knows what she’s doing. Don’t just be there saying “UGX 150k for sex 1 hour, and 250K for sex with massage.” Dive into it, make it like a competition with everyone on the website.

Do you think it’s hard for these clients to fuck their wives? Don’t fuck them as their wives do. Give them a reason to come back to you for more. The more they come, the more money you make.

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so interesting many things I didn’t know #starting from today am following the pearls best tips thanks again pearl escorts


We’re committed to provide you with the best services in Uganda. Thanks for your review. Keep reading our articles and you’ll discover how to become a high-class escort, enjoying giving services and making money at the same time.

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