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The Pearl Escort platform is a product brand of Clamaras, Inc. A multinational data company, with its headquarters at Mara Rd, Upper Hill, Nairobi – Kenya. Pearl Escorts, herein referred to as The Company, The Brand or The Directory, is a dedicated to the use of technology to advance the lives of the people it touches. By using the platform, you’re bound to the terms & conditions dictated on this page. Clamaras, Inc., has the right to change the contents of this agreement, with or without notice. Any other product, released to the public, under the brand or company name, shall be bound to this agreement unless specified otherwise.

This legal document is described with regards to the United Nations chatter that gives everyone a right to work without discrimination, unfair judgement or marginalization. You’re allowed to print a copy of this original agreement, without alteration or modification to the original text, font or source codes provided with this document.

This legal document shall be enforced with our Privacy Policy & the respective refund policy where applicable and is subject to the rule of law.

You should however note that Pearl Escorts is not an escort agency, and as such is not liable to any cause, loss or outcomes experienced by use of services or communication done within or outside the platform by escorts, agencies or links posted on the website.

The company, platform is classified as an adult entertainment website & as such, may contain adult or, pornographic content that is sensitive to minors and some select people. By using our platform, you agree that you shall not expose, or provide access to people under the majority adult age of 18, or as may be described on the laws of your country of residence. By doing so, you agree that action may be taken against you by the state, company or any concerned individual in your country of residence regarding your irresponsible behavior.

Terms Used in This Agreement

  1. Service Provider(s): This agreement uses this term to refer to Adult entertainers. The term may also be replaced with these terms: Escort(s), Agency(ies), Stripper(s), Masseuse, Porn star(s), Call Girl(s) & Hooker(s) among other erotic terms which may be used to refer to people offering massage or erotic escort services.
  2. Client(s): Throughout the article, you may encounter the term Client(s). This shall be used to refer to a subscriber, or a person who uses the services listed on our websites & apps. Anyone, who accesses the website & does not promote their services on the website, whether accidentally or knowingly, shall be classified as a client. Whether you book an escort, pay for their services or not, you shall be classified as a client.
  3. Service(s): This term shall be used on this agreement to refer to time spent with a service provider. This may just include the time spent, or the services offered. Bear in mind that you can book a service provider for her time, without engaging in any adult practices.
  4. Teen: This term, shall be used across our platforms to refer to people between the age of 18 and 20. If you have any doubts & concerns of abuse of minors, it is your obligation to report it to the administrator as soon as possible.
  5. Subscription: This shall be used to refer to the plan, whether paid or free, which one is subscribed to. Different plans, offers you different features and access to special pages. This is totally dependent on the type of your subscription. Free access does not require you to make any payment, or be registered on the website. Therefore, by accessing our platform, without being registered as a user, you shall be classified as a subscriber on a free plan.
  1. Agreement as Service Provider(s)

As a service provider, registered on any of our platform, whether you’re actively operational, on private mode or have your profile & data deleted from our website, shall be bound to this agreement. If, you’re opposed to the contents of these terms & conditions, avoid signing up, consenting to data processing of your data & the use of any of our products or services.

As a Service Provider I consent & agree to:

  1. Dearly follow the terms dictated on this agreement, and protect the privacy of clients provided to me by Pearl Escorts, and its network.
  2. Provide the administrator with all the required information upon inquiry & request. This may include clients’ contact information, physical address, communication transcripts, and payment information to help the company make informed business & legal decisions. Failure to do so, may lead to termination of my escort & agency profiles with or without notice, with or without refund as stated on the refund policy.
  3. The processing of my personal, or company data on Pearl Escorts’ systems & sharing of my personal data as described on the privacy policy of the company.
  4. Provide accurate details that may help clients make a quality informed decisions on the type of services and type of person they may want to hire for companionship and erotic escort services. Failure to this, I accept that the company may take action and close my account without offering a refund on the cost used to advertise on the platform.
  5. Provide verification of escort & agency profiles when & if asked to do so. Depending on the situation I agree that the company may allow my escort profiles to be viewed publicly, contact me, close the account with, or without notice and without guarantee for refund.
  6. Provide Geolocation details on the platform in the goal of providing quality services to the client’s accessing the website, app and Pearl Escorts’ services and products. Failure to this may result to closure of your account, profile and ban from the website, with or without notice, with or without a refund.
  7. Only register profiles that feature people over the age of 18 residing in an agency, in an agreement or my own personal profiles.
  8. Only register profiles of people in their sane & clear minds, without forcing them to do your bidding, engage in the provision of services & holding them against their will to do your bidding.
  9. Not promote child, or sex trafficking into the country of residence. Failure to this may result to legal action taken against me.
  10. Not promote incest, inspire rape or be involved in any criminal activities as described in the rule of law & in regards to the country o residence. Failure to this may result to legal action taken against me in a court of law & in accordance to the laws of your country of residence.
  11. Use the company’s name to prove the legitimacy of my identity, and prove of my service delivery without impersonating the owner, or employees of Clamaras, Inc. By going against this, I agree that Clamaras, Inc., may take legal action against me for Slander, or Libel.
  12. The use of my pictures & media content submitted on the platform by the company to promote my profile, the company & it’s network through marketing and sales efforts.
  13. Accept that whether my profile generates leads & income, or not, I shall not claim a refund, as my subscription fee is paid as a charge to appear on the website, get featured or for any other services offered by the website.
  14. Treat clients with utmost respect and value their decisions. In case of a disagreement with the clients, I shall cut off communication with the client in a respective way & may report any extreme case to the administrator for further investigation and advise.
  15. Take legal action against anyone who takes advantage and abuses me sexually or without consent. It is my right to be treated equally on the eyes of the law. And get justice for actions taken against me.
  16. Practice safety and avoid the spread of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted disease(s), infections or HIV/AIDS. I understand that not being cautious may put other people in danger and may be tried in the court of law for attempting murder, or as described on the court of law.
  17. Not expose the client’s that I’ve served to any electronic or mainstream media. If so done, legal action may be taken against me by the company or complainant.
  18. I am not an employee of Pearl Escorts, and as such, I am not liable for actions done by the company, its brands or network. This also means that Pearl Escorts is not liable for any actions done by me.
  19. Not influence the abuse of drugs, use of narcotics and sexual enhancement drugs unless I’m prescribed by a qualified, certified doctor. An individual or the state may take legal action against me if found to be abusing drugs as prescribed in the constitution.
  20. Not sell or expose privileged company data & information to our competitors in the spirit of gaining favor, or supporting their cause and giving them unfair advantage to our products and services. By doing so, I will be in violation and gross misconduct which may result to the closure of my accounts, or legal action demanding payment of damages and reputation on a court of law in the country of jurisdiction.
  21. I accept that all complains reported by me after I’ve deleted my account. Or if I delete my account during a case, I shall not be helped by the administrator but, if the client is willing to provide their user data to the administrator and I’m found guilty, I may be tried in a court of law and legal action taken against me.

Agreement with Client(s)

By using this platform and any acclaimed platforms, products and services of Pearl Escorts, I shall be bound to this terms & conditions as set by Clamaras, Inc. Any misconduct on the platform may result to termination of my access to the platforms, termination of account or legal action taken against me by the service providers, the company or the state with or without notice.

By using this website, I agree that:

  1. The terms listed on this agreement shall be used to decide how my case is handled by the company, and tried in a court of law, in case of a violation of any of the terms dictated on this agreement. Upon accessing the website, whether or not, I sign up, I shall be bound to this agreement.
  2. I will respect the listings & content made public, or private on the website, or network & use my own judgement to make the decision to obtain and use services provided at Pearl Escorts.
  3. I will report to the administrator, any misconduct, abuse of age, child or sex trafficking encountered in the result of using the company’s software.
  4. I will ensure that all communication with the service providers are kept up to date, to help decide my case, upon inquiry and upon unfair service delivery or failure to offer services.
  5. I shall respect the escort, or any agency’s decision to not offer me any services, with or without reason as communicated by the service provider.
  6. Upon reporting any case, I may be asked to provide verification and other details as prescribed on the company’s privacy policy. This may include communication transcripts, banking or payment statements and other contents to prove the existence of an agreement between me & the service provider.
  7. In case of a disagreement with a service provider, there is no guarantee of refund of any funds lost through the process.
  8. My private data may be used to improve the platform and shared within the company’s network with regards to the privacy policy.
  9. I will not download any copy of the website, duplicate or sell images & source code obtained from Pearl Escorts, unless licensed to commercialize the specific parts of the website, which shall be agreed in writing and must have the signature of the company’s CEO.
  10. I shall use protection to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, STI’s, STD’s & HIV/AIDS in accordance to the guidance given by the ministry of health or it’s equal in my country of jurisdiction or residence. Failure to do so may lead to legal action against me.
  11. It’s my duty to report sexual harassment, sexual abuse, child abuse, rape, extortion, child & human trafficking to the relevant authorities in regards to the constitution of my country of residence.
  12. I will not influence the use of drugs and narcotics, including sexual enhancement drugs to service providers. Doing so, may lead to legal action taken against me.
  13. I will be liable to the protection of the escort, or agency call girl while in my property and will nurse all injuries at my own cost in case of an accident caused by my actions or forceful intentions. Failure to do so, or in case of extreme injuries, death or rape, I may be tried in the court of law in accordance to the laws of my country of residence.
  14. Using the company name to spread lies, propaganda or unverified beliefs may be termed as slander or libel, and may lead to action taken in accordance to the rule of law.
  15. I shall not expose nudity, or services offered by service providers unless agreed in writing and consent. By doing so, I may be tried for sexual abuse in my country of residence.
  16. I shall not promote or sell products and services of my company, or other companies on the website, unless authorized in writing to do so. Upon violating this, my account may be terminated, with or without reason.
  17. It’s my duty to report to the company, any vulnerabilities in their system to ensure the protection of client & escort privacy.
  18. I accept that if I choose to delete my account, all the information held on the system regarding my registration may be lost & if any case rise, I will not be able to be helped and as such shall be termed as null and void. Upon being reported by an escort, or agency, even if I’ve deleted my account, my involvement may be recovered & may be reported to relevant authorities or action taken against me. This includes deleting my account while my account is being investigated, or with an ongoing case.
  19. I shall adhere to the laws of my country of jurisdiction. I shall be liable of any damages done through my account, or internet device. I accept to be charged before the courts of law for any wrong doings using my account.

Learn more about our privacy policy before making any decision.

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