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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is a legal document, enforceable by the terms of use of our software & websites, informing you on how we collect your data, how we store it, who we share it with and why we need it. To avoid data collection by Clamaras, Inc., Avoid the use of our website or platforms. As long as you use our website, products or services, this policy shall be enforceable.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies across our platforms to keep track and improve your experience & performance. Cookies may be used to keep you logged in to your account when you visit again, used to record your preference and show you quality adverts among others.

What Data Do We Collect & How Do We Use It?

When visiting our website, you may be asked to sign up, or sign in to your account. When asked to do this, we may collect your preferred username & email. Your username is used to uniquely identify your account and allow you to make some privileged tasks, while your email is primarily used to send you notifications about your account data & actions.

Additionally, we may ask you to fill out some survey’s that may collect your full names, physical address, preference among others. Depending on our marketing needs, our queries may vary and they’re not mandatory to answer.

 If you prefer to pay escorts via the website, we may ask you to provide payment details. These payments are not recurring and you may remove them any time you want from the website. Always use the official methods provided on the website if need be.

If you prefer to receive push notifications, Pearl Escorts may ask you to allow notifications from our website. By allowing this, we shall be able to identify your mobile phone, operating system and send you notifications whenever we have new escorts or important update.

If you choose to use our escort maps, we shall be able to collect your geolocation data in order to show you escorts near you. Without allowing this, we cannot determine your location, but will be able to show you a map with escorts & you can use it by zooming in and out to view escorts near you.

We may ask our escorts to provide us with some information about you. This may include your contact information. By using our services, through the terms & conditions you allow them to give us this important information so that we may serve you better.

We may ask you to provide your photo or request to obtain a copy of your conversation from either you or an escort. This is usually due to a disagreement. Upon doing so, we shall be in charge of your data for as long as the case exists. 

Third Party Apps & Data

Our website uses other third party, premium software and services to serve you better. Search services are.

Google Analytics :- To keep track of our daily users, we use Google’s services to track what pages you visit on our website, what ads you click on, the buttons you click on and the amount of time you spend on our website. Learn more about Google’s Analytics privacy policy here.

Google Maps Services: – For us to provide the beautiful, intuitive map UI design showing the location of our escorts, we’re subscribed to a Premium mapping service by Google. This mapping solution does not track your residence and track your movement. You can learn more about Google’s mapping terms here.

One Signal Push Notification: – To send you notifications and daily updates to your phone, we’re subscribed to One Signal. A premium push notification service that allows you to receive notifications from our website. This services enables us to collect information about your device and browser. You can learn more about One Signal’s privacy policy here.

Facebook Login: – If you choose to log in to your account using Facebook, we shall be able to collect your name, username & email to authenticate you to our website. Without using this service, your Facebook account is not associated with our website. Learn more about their privacy policy here.

Who We Share Your Data with?

We value anonymity. As such, we do not share your data with third party apps, or companies. The data collected is only used to improve the services we offer to you. Some of the data collected cannot be used to directly identify you in-person.

If you’re not confident in the methods we use to collect data, avoid sign up and use VPN to access our website. You may also view our website in incognito mode. Some functionalities may however be erroneous, e.g. escort suggestion, etc.

How Do We Store Your Data?

Data collected during log in is stored on our platform’s database. It is however encrypted and the administrator, or other privileged users can only see your username. Your email is invisible from us and so is your password or method of log in.

Data collected during survey may be stored on our systems and every question asked will be visible to the administrators. This data is however privileged and only the admin can access it.

To ensure that your data is safe with us, we also use up to data protection methods that are in-built by the company, this may include 2FA Authentication and HTTPS transfer using HTST.


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